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You wish to join the only agency working without pictures and in which your private life shall be fully respected?

My customers are handpicked; the same goes for my collaborators.

My selection criteria are as follows:

  • Geneva : Be a Swiss Woman or holder of a C permit (possibly B permit).
  • Beautiful and feminine. (I personnaly take care of relooking each of my collaborators).
  • Without hair extension
  • Open-mindedness and manners indispensable.
  • Have a steady employment or carrying out follow-up studies (I am checking it).
  • Good level of general knowledge (written test at our meeting).
  • Punctuality.
  • Be between 22 and 34 years.
  • Good level of spoken English.
  • Non-smoker (if possible).
  • A navel piercing and a discreet tattoo is tolarated, but no more.
  • Availability will be required mostly in the evening as well as during weekends.

If you meet these criteria, do not hesitate to contact me on
on +41 (0)78 745 65 85, preferably in the morning.

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d’escort de luxe à Genève, Lausanne, Montreux

+41 (0)78 745 65 85